No Longer ‘Too Sexy’ For Their Shirts, Right Said Fred Downgrade To Face Masks

Do you remember the group Right Said Fred? It’s okay, we don’t either – just ask your Mum and I’m sure she’ll give you a comprehensive history of their standout hits. We’ll wai- oh, you’re back already? Cool, let’s do this!

Right Said Fred is a pop band from the 90s made up of two iterations of Mr Clean plucked from different timelines in the multiverse who upon meeting decided they were simply just TOO sexy and had to inform the world of the fact, whether the world liked it or not.

Deciding they want fewer fans after over a year of no gigs, their first bit of media attention in who knows how long, or idk, being special guest hosts at bingo nights, RSF have taken to Twitter to share their views on face masks, which are currently mandatory inside public spaces in the United Kingdom.

The tweet reads: “I would like to thank everyone who is still wearing a mask. It saves me a great deal of time. Your mask tells me I don’t need to talk to you, know you, work with you, or try to understand your mumblings. You are superfluous to requirements. Many thanks XX”.

Obviously a bold choice of words from a band whose last album, released in 2017, doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry.

Please wear a face mask whenever you’re in a public space and be safe!

Photo: Procter & Gamble

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