The Fratellis Announce UK Tour – With A Catch!

Glasgow-based indie band The Fratellis have announced their plans to tour the United Kingdom in September of this year – Covid restrictions pending, obviously!

Here’s the kicker: according to the band’s Twitter, all proceeds from the eight-date tour will go towards benefitting local independent record shops, as well as the band’s road crew.

The Fratellis will be touring to support their upcoming and much-delayed sixth studio album, ‘Half Drunk Under a Full Moon’ – which will be released on April 2 (🤞🏼). ‘Half Drunk Under a Full Moon’ hopes to continue the career renaissance the band created with their fifth release ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’, a record many fans and critics considered to be the band’s best work since their debut album ‘Costello Music’, which celebrates its 15th birthday this September.

Please join ¡Dios Mio! in giving The Fratellis a round of applause for working their arses off to support people struggling in an industry that has been decimated over the last year due to the ongoing pandemic. Let’s just hope the show can go on.

Check out the The Fratellis‘ latest single below:

Photo: Nicky Sims

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