Daft Punk have called it quits

Legendary French electronic music duo Daft Punk have gone their separate ways after 28 years.

In a video posted to their official YouTube channel today – simply titled ‘Epilogue’ – the duo alluded to their disbandment, which was later confirmed by their publicist.

Formed in 1993, Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter released five studio albums as Daft Punk, starting with the fantastic ‘Homework’ in 1997 and closing with the star-studded ‘Random Access Memories’ in 2013.

Daft Punk were also responsible for composing the soundtrack to Disney’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ which released in 2010. It was speculated that the duo were going to return to soundtrack a third ‘Tron’ film, though obviously that is no longer the case – if it ever was.

Neither Daft Punk or their publicist has opted to provide a reason for the duo’s split, but we can presume it was an amicable decision and hope the door is open for a reunion in the future. At the time of the band’s split, they had been inactive for quite some time.

Farewell, Daft Punk!

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