We Think You’d Love: The Adam Brown

Formed in Montreal in 2004, The Adam Brown is a criminally underrated, fantastic rock band with a couple of great albums available for your listening pleasure.

Frontman Adam Brown’s eponymous band has two albums available on streaming services, 2020’s ‘What We’ll Never Know’ and 2018’s ‘Sometimes I Try (Time Battles)’.

‘What We’ll Never Know’ is a fantastic 10-track, 26-minute indie rock album released in June of 2020. Its short length and punchy delivery makes it an album you can enjoy between meals without ruining your appetite. It’s available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music, and you can find the song ‘Hummin’ Around’ from the ‘What We’ll Never Know’ linked below!

‘Sometimes I Try (Time Battles)’ is an album that reworks a lot of the songs found on The Adam Brown‘s currently unavailable album ‘Sometimes I Try’. It’s very sad that the original ‘Sometimes I Try’ is no longer available, but ‘Time Battles’ is still a great listen, and is a testament to the band’s work ethic and need to evolve artistically. Again, the album is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

A tremendous live band, The Adam Brown notably joined fellow Canadian greats, actor/musician Michael Cera and former Unicorns member Alden Penner, on their tour back in 2015 and tore the house down.

We think you’d love The Adam Brown, and we think they’d love your support – they’re 100% deserving of it!

Connect with the band by following these links:

Check out ‘Hummin’ Around’ from The Adam Brown‘s latest album ‘What We’ll Never Know’ here:

Photo: Daniel Vella

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