Weezer announce surprise new album ‘OK Human’ is dropping this month

American alt rock icons Weezer have officially announced that their 14th studio album ‘OK Human’ is officially dropping later this month on January 29th.

The news comes as quite a surprise, as it was only last year that the band were dropping singles for ‘Van Weezer’, which we can only assume will now be their 15th studio album when it releases later this year on May 7th (as per Weezer‘s official Twitter page). Seems like the boys have been pretty busy since the postponement of their huge tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy which was rather appropiately dubbed the ‘Hella Mega Tour’.

The band have also announced that a single from ‘OK Human’ – ‘All My Favorite Songs’ – will be released on January 21st, eight days ahead of the album’s release.

‘OK Human’ is the first album since Cuomo & Co’s 2019 self-titled effort, which is also known as the Black Album (not to be confused with y’know, Jay-Z or Metallica).

Check out Weezer‘s latest release, ‘Beginning of the End’ here:

Photo: Sean Murphy

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